The project ‘Grainotch’ was started with a vision of our Chairman Mr.Sanjay Holkar with the support of Mr.Dhananjay Thite to introduce the finest alcohol in the market. Grainotch Industries Ltd was established in 2009 with a dream fuelled by passion, energy and dedication to build a great enterprise.Driven to attain an unrivalled position in the industry we Grainotch have committed ourselves to maintain utmost perfection and high product quality. The main purpose of Grainotch was to benchmark its name across the globe for its unique quality of alcohol. It gives us immense pleasure to be recognized as one of the most trusted manufacturers of products like Grain Extra Neutral Alcohol (GNS), Rectified Spirit (RS), Impure Spirits (IS) and more. We are also specialized in manufacturing high purity Vodka Grade ENA.Our products are mainly used to manufacture Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), Toiletries, Medicines and also for many industrial purposes. Our whole hearted commitment to serve our clients both Domestic and International is the booster fuel that propels us forward.

It is our honor to provide high quality alcohol from grain which inspires future of alcohol industry. We make use of best quality raw material as well as latest technology machines to manufacture our range. We follow stringent measures as per high International Standards to ensure that our products are truly pure and flawless in quality. In addition, we have a high experienced and qualified workforce comprising industry’s leading professionals who play a vital role in helping us achieve all the requirements of our clients.Grainotch ensure the quality alcohol and takes us to the world of alcohol to set high goals never before in short Grainotch means the purest alcohol you can get on planet earth.


First preference in its class


To create unique value product for customers of their interest by safeguarding economic, social, environment factors and also deliver value to shareholders by giving them fair returns on their investment.