Mr. Sanjay C. Holkar (Chairman-Grainotch Industries Ltd.)

Mr. Sanjay C. HolkarMr. Sanjay Changdeorao Holkar is an agriculturist and a successful industrialist.He is a Commerce Graduate. He has been associated with VEFCO since its inception and is in charge of the day to day operations thereof. He was presented with Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Award in the year 1990-91 from Hon. Shri Balram Jakhar, Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of India. He was also felicitated for outstanding grape export achievement for the year 2003 from Hon. Governor of RBI Mr. Bimal Jalan.Recently VEFCO has received the “Vasantrao Naik Agricultural Export Award 2006-07” presented by the Hon. Agricultural Minister Shri Sharad Pawar Govt. of India. He is associated with various organizations viz National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF), Maratha Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Nashik. Nashik Industries Manufacturer’s Association ( NIMA ), Ethanol Manufacturers Association of India etc.

Mr. Sanjay C Holkar established ‘Ethanol’ manufacturing unit viz. Aditya Petrochemicals P Ltd APCL in the year 1999. It was a standalone unit manufacturing Ethanol from Molasses, made available by the nearby sugar factories.

Mr.Sanjay Holkar is also the proprietor of M/s. Aditya Impex and Director of M/s yashoda Agro Mercantile & Processing Company P Ltd and Atria Construction Pune.
Mr.Holkar’s professional business contacts and his expertise experience in the field of agro based industries are considered to be an asset for Grainotch Industries Ltd.

He believes in Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

The business activities of Grainotch Industries Ltd affect the lives of countless Indians – as consumers, employees, investors, commercials, partners and neighbors. This imposes a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and ensure that all the lives we touch benefits from the relationship.

Grainotch Industries Ltd is committed to conducting its business responsibly and in accordance with all laws and regulations. The Board of Directors and the management have a well – established compliance program to support the achievement of this commitment.


Responsible Marketing & Drinking

We understand our responsibility to develop, produce and market our brands responsibly.

As Indian’s leading alcoholic beverages company, Grainotch Industries Ltd wants to be at the forefront of industry efforts to promote responsible drinking.

Our approach is based on the following key principles.

Green Environment

Grainotch Industries Ltd is environment conscious. Even at a time when it was not yet fashionable to be “Green”, we always ensured that we were in sync with our surroundings.

We fully comply and often exceed the legal requirements and guidelines that the Government of India prescribes in its environmental policies. At our offices and locations, we have always ensured that our impact on the environment is minimal, and where ever possible, positive.

We have achieved and will continue to achieve this by: