Your diet is a bank account and good food choices are worthy investments. Make
the yummiest investment by preparing mouth-watering food with corn oil. Earn
appreciation and give happiness to your family with corn oil recipes. In the
meantime, you also get to showcase your cooking skills!

Here are the top five delicious recipes that can be made with corn oil.

Corn Pakoda

There is no doubt that corn pakoda is one of the yummiest snacks to fulfill your
monsoon cravings. Corn pakoda is best served as a quick evening snack during the
rainy or winter season. Corn pakoda made with corn oil creates a zingy, fingerlicking
taste. The pakoda is best enjoyed with tomato ketchup

Fried Chicken

Enjoy the crispness of a mouth-watering fried chicken dish. For better results, we
recommend using corn oil. Fried chicken is nutritious as it provides proteins,
nutrients, and vitamins that are essential to lead a healthy life.

Paneer Pakoda

Paneer pakoda is the instant Indian starter dish. Paneer pakoda can be made when
you have an uninvited guest drop by at your home. If you want to make something
very quickly serve paneer pakoda with sprinkled chat masala along with the tomato
sauce. This will make for a great social evening at your home.


Samosa is a very popular dish to have as a breakfast or evening snack. Samosa is
widely preferred in north India as their primary breakfast. The unconventional and
crispy samosa tastes great with potato and peas stuffing. Samosa, when made with
the corn oil, has an additional well-fried crunchiness to it.

Alu paratha

Alu paratha is the most popular breakfast dishes throughout the western, central
and northern regions of India. Alu parathas consist of dough stuffed with a mixture
of mashed potato and spices. Alu paratha is usually served with chutney, Indian
pickles or curd.

We hope that you will make delicious food with Cornlite corn oil to fulfill your