It is rightly quoted by Josh Billings “Health is like money, we never have a true
idea of its value until we lose it”. Our health is closely related to the food that we
consume. The choices you make about what you eat and drink matter. The food
we consume must add up to a balanced, nutritious diet.

Let’s meet Priya Sharma, who shared with us her journey towards making her
husband’s life better. Priya Sharma lives happily with her two sons, husband, and

But one day something unexpected happened. Priya was shattered when her
husband Rahul was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. The medical reports
stated that his bad cholesterol was above the normal level. The doctor suggested
that Rahul pay attention to his lifestyle, especially with regard to the food he

Priya decided to take full responsibility of her husband’s health. She decided to
check on all things she used to buy from grocery stores.

The first priority was to change the edible cooking oil. Priya searched the internet
for the “healthiest cooking oil, healthy cooking oil for the heart”. After hours of
research, she concluded that corn oil is the best oil for daily cooking. She
purchased “Cornlite Corn Oil”. After six months of use, Priya was amazed by the
results. Her husband’s bad cholesterol level was now almost normal. Priya
decided to retain the corn oil as the primary oil for cooking.

Why Priya Chose Corn Oil?

  • Corn oil helped in controlling her husband’s bad cholesterol level.
  • It helped her cook more delicious food.
  • Ingredients in corn oil helped her gain all the health benefits and natural
    ingredients available in corn

Scientific Reasons for Rahul’s improved Health

Corn oil is a rich source of good fats. Corn oil is an effective component in
lowering blood cholesterol levels. It contains about 60 percent polyunsaturated,
25 to 30 percent monounsaturated, and 10 to 15 percent saturated fats. The high
levels of polyunsaturated fats in corn oil, as compared to monounsaturated and
saturated fats, help lower blood cholesterol levels. The high level of
polyunsaturated fatty acids also aids in lowering elevated blood pressure.

Prevention is better than cure is an old but wise saying. So take a positive step
ahead and switch to Cornlite corn oil for better health for the entire family.