Grainotch Maize Cake is ideal cattle feed that is enriched with nutrients that help increase milk yield. Maize Animal Feed is processed using best available Expeller Technology and manufactured under the supervision of experienced quality personals.

Available in pack sizes :

50 kgs (Plastic bags)


  • Maize Cake contains higher amounts of unsaturated fatty acids which increases animal fertility. Unlike, cottonseed feed that may have an adverse effect on the reproduction, liver and kidney function of the cattle, maize cake is completely safe for cattle.
  • Maize Cake is free from chemicals/pesticides or any additives; this helps in boosting overall health and immunity of the cattle.
  • Maize Cake contains approximately 8 – 12% oil and 15 – 18% protein which helps in increasing the milk yield as well as boosts physical strength of cattle.
  • Maize cattle feed contains only 8 – 10 % of undigested fibers while cottonseed cakes have 25 – 30%.
  • Maize Cake contains natural vitamin-E which helps in reproduction of the cattle