Do you get that familiar feeling when you visit the supermarket? That confused feeling when you stare
at an entire rack of cooking oils that claim to be healthy. Selecting the best cooking oil from the lot is a
challenging task. How do you know which cooking oil is the best? Among the many alternatives available
in the market, corn oil is breaking new grounds with its proven health benefits. Let’s learn if the claims
made for corn oil are true:

Prevents Diabetes

Over 72 million Indians were afflicted with diabetes in 2017. This astonishing number is set to double in
2025. Corn oil is rich in polyunsaturated fat, also known as fat that is good for the heart. Linoleic acid is
another key component of corn oil. It plays an important part in ensuring that the pancreas functions
normally. This, in turn, ensures that blood sugar and the function of insulin is stabilized. Therefore, it can
be safely said that the regular consumption of corn oil helps prevent diabetes.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

A 21-day study was conducted on a group of men and women. The group was asked to consume a few
tablespoons of corn oil and another type of cooking oil daily. The results were expectedly in favour of
corn oil. High LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) levels can cause cholesterol buildup in your arteries. Corn oil
consumption helped reduce LDL levels by 11%, a significant percentage as compared to the benefits that
other cooking oils have. Phytosterols are a natural component of corn oil. They also play an important
role in reducing cholesterol absorption in humans.

Helps in Digestion

Corn oil, just like fruits and vegetables, also contains fibre. In fact, one cup of corn oil contains 18.4%
fibre. Fibre intake is a key part of any healthy diet. As is generally known, fibre makes digestion easier.
By using corn oil for cooking, you will help prevent digestion-related problems like constipation. You will
also be able to help prevent serious diseases like colon cancer and haemorrhoid.

Best Oil for Deep Frying

The “burning” point or smoking point of corn oil is 232 degree Celsius. Corn oil is more stable at a higher
temperature. This makes corn oil the perfect choice for deep frying. It is a great option to prepare dishes
like french fries. It is a comparatively healthier option, although consuming deep fried food regularly is
not recommended.

Always use premium corn oil for cooking. A premium corn oil is the perfect ingredient for crisp and tasty
cooking. Before buying any refined corn coil, do check if it is processed through a state-of-art refining
process. Use corn oil for cooking every day and stay fit and healthy!